Università della Svizzera italiana


Cultural Dimension


The cultural programme offers an informal framework within which to address existing assumptions and help develop mutual perspectives through art, literature, cinema, and music. Culture contributes by identifying new narratives and by providing unconventional and non-stereotypical representations of the region, offering innovative models and examples.

In the previous editions, film-screenings of selected films were organised in collaboration with the Locarno Film Festival. The exhibition Broken cities. A virtual journey from Syria to Iraq – an imaginary route to four cities laid waste by conflicts whose violence has turned them into theatres of war in recent years – was set up in collaboration with e-REAL Logosnet and Iconem. A multimedia installation by the Egyptian artist Moataz Nasr and the photo Exhibition Journeys through our Fragile Heritage, several concerts and a conference on Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa cuisine made up the cultural dimension and framework during the MEM Summer Summit 2018.

Journeys through our Fragile Heritage
Jazz Concert 'Mediterraneo'
Concert 'Symphony for Water and Peace'
Multimedia Installations by Moataz Nasr
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